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Automotive Industry Demonstrator

The automotive pilot, demonstrates the feasibility of an autonomous and flexible production line which will be able to reconfigure dynamically according to the current situation. The demonstrator took place at TOFAS premises and all the partners took part at the final tuning and the integration of all the AUTORECON components in order to be able to operate without problems at the specific cell.

The components that were installed at the demo area and used for the final demonstration were the following:

  • A Smart5 NJ 220 – 2.7 COMAU Robot;
  • A Mobile Unit (Tecnalia’s Mobile Platform + Smart5 NJ4 170 – 2.5 COMAU Robot);
  • A Flexible Gripper;
  • A Dexterous Gripper;
  • A Welding Robot (Smart NH4 COMAU Robot + COMAU Welding Gun);
  • Various automotive parts (9 single parts and 2 subassemblies) placed on especially designed racks.
  • 1 mobile fixture especially designed for moving the Tunnel subassembly from the loading area to the welding area;
  • The AUTORECON-Line Control Software.


Consumer goods industry

Two scenarios were demonstrated, namely the packaging and the feeding scenarios.

Packaging Scenario

This scenario is part of the packaging where the assembled shavers that are delivered from the assembly machine are oriented and accurately packaged inside the relevant trays.

Feeding Scenario

The feeding scenario where the vision system was used is the part feeding where the Smart Six Robots pick up the randomly positioned and oriented handles from the feeding conveyor and position them in the track conveyor.